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Private Client (Wills & Probate/Powers of Attorney)


The term Private Client covers a range of services for the individual and the main areas included are mentioned briefly below. If you require assistance or advice on a matter that is not discussed here, please contact us and we will help if we are able.

We provide advice on the following issues:

  • Preparing a will
  • Probate/letters of administration and estate administration
  • Powers of attorney/Court of Protection applications
  • Intestacy
  • The validity of wills
  • Trusts



None of us like to think about death, but it is always best to have a professionally drafted will in place as we never know what is around the corner.  Preparing your will is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive process and is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death and that your loved ones benefit from your estate as far as you possibly can.


The procedure is straight forward and the process quick and we hope, painless.

Before you come to see us, if you can give some thought as to who you would want to manage your estate after your death, who you would want to appoint to be the guardians for any children that you have who are under the age of 18 and who you would like to leave your assets to, we can streamline the process as much as possible for you. We can then discuss everything in far more details at a face to face meeting.  You will also need to consider who you wish to be the executors of your will (the people who will adminster your estate when the time comes).


You may find our Will Questionnaire assists you in arranging your thoughts and wishes.


Lasting Powers of Attorney


The procedure for Powers of Attorney changed a few years ago and we currently have a system of Lasting Powers of Attorney. There are two different Powers – one that allows the attorney to deal with financial matters and one that governs personal matters such as medical decisions, choice of where to live etc. Once entered into, Lasting Powers of Attorney are valid until such a time as they are revoked or the person who made the power dies. They remain valid even if the person who made them loses their mental capacity, either on a permanent or temporary basis.


Powers of Attorney can prove invaluable to the family of a person suffering from dementia and it is never too early to create a Power of Attorney as it can be held securely until such a time as it is needed by your attorney if you would prefer not to use it straight away.


The process is unfortunately more expensive than it used to be as the paperwork is more complex, however, it is still a far cheaper and easier procedure than having to apply to the Court of Protection.


If a person has already lost mental capacity without making a Power of Attorney and it is necessary to manage their affairs for them, the only way to achieve this is through the Court of Protection, which is a longer and more expensive process. We can assist you with the application process if this is a route that you have to take. As we are experienced in this area of law, we are happy to meet with any client to assess mental capacity and provide an indication as to the best course of action in each individual case.


Please contact us to discuss your requirements or if you have concerns about a loved one who may require assistance, please make an appointment and we can arrange to visit them to make an assessment.


For more information on the procedure, please see the client information section of our website.



If you have been appointed as an Executor to an estate under a Will and need some help understanding your obligations, administrating the estate or making an application for a Grant of Probate, please contact us. The term Probate itself relates to all of the matters relating to financial matters that need addressing after a person has died rather than just the Grant of Probate itself, which is a court document authorising the Executors under a Will to act in the estate of the deceased person.


Our Probate department can deal with all aspects of the estate once the Death Certificate has been issued.


We appreciate that this will be a difficult time for the Executors and will make the process as efficient as we possibly can to ensure that you can grieve properly for the person that you have lost rather than get bogged down in their paperwork.


For more detailed information on the probate application procedure, please see the client information section of our website.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, please call us on 01472 353961 or use our contact form. Our specialist in all private client matters is Catherine White.

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